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The Astro Ben Podcast

Oct 27, 2023

In today's episode, Erin takes us on a journey from her childhood in Florida, where shuttle launches ignited her passion for space. From sewing Halloween costumes to studying mechanical engineering, Erin's diverse path led her to NASA and MIT. She shares the thrill of contributing to the Benefits for Humanity initiative, bridging the gap between science and the public. And, amidst her love for sewing, Erin weaves stories that bring scientists and their breakthroughs to life. Join us as we explore the cosmic tapestry of Erin's fascinating career and the unique threads that connect her love for space and storytelling.


Here’s approximate timestamps for the episode.

00:00 Intro to Episode - Erin Winick Anthony

00:58 Where Erin got her passion for space from

01:32 Shuttles going up, when you’re growing up!

02:39 Effects of seeing a launch

03:07 Journey to space

04:04 Working at NASA

05:50 Science Communication Officer for the ISS

07:20 Benefits of the ISS for humanity

12:01 Sewing

14:30 STEAM Power Media

15:30 Upcoming mission (breaking news!)

19:00 Going alone - challenges/most enjoyed moments!

21:00 Yep… she’s a Pinball Wizard

23:20 Other spacey idea’s

24:30 Attention to Artermis Program

27:10 Quick Fire Questions

31:15 Wrap Up & Socials

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