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The Astro Ben Podcast

Jul 17, 2023

Julia Brodsky is a STEM education researcher at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, a former NASA astronaut instructor, independent school teacher, math education book author, educational consultant for gifted students, and homeschooling mom of three, including a special needs child.  Julia's academic training is in astrophysics and science education. As the founder of the Art of Inquiry, an interactive online science program for curious pre-teens, Julia introduces students to space exploration, astrobiology, and AI to develop their scientific reasoning, systems thinking, and questioning skills. Julia is also a co-founder of Earthlings Hub, a non-profit educational initiative helping refugee children in Ukraine. 

In this episode, Ben and Julia discuss Julia’s journey through space, from love of sci fi as a child, to studying astrophysics around the time of the discovery of the first exoplanet, to becoming an astronaut instructor and in more recent times helping children in the Ukraine.

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Here’s approximate timestamps for the episode.

00:00 Introduction to Julia Brodsky

01:16 Julia’s background in the space industry

06:15 Becoming an astronaut instructor 

08:00 What is involve in guidance navigation and control systems?

10:48 Hardest part of astronaut training

13:13 The ISS - importance of international cooperation 

14:33 What Julia did next

17:25 Mathematical Circles 

19:24 The Art of Enquiry

23:16 Butterfly/rocket/airplane/sailboat - what’s the odd one out?

26:40 The Earthlings Hub

40:21 Ben’s final thought

41:18 Julia’s final thought

43:33 Wrap Up & Socials

Follow Julia Brodsky

Founder,  Earthlings Hub, an educational non-profit for refugee kids

Founder, Art of Inquiry, STEM classes and outreach

Research Scientist, Blue Marble Institute of Science

Contributing Writer, Forbes and Medium 


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