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The Astro Ben Podcast

Mar 18, 2022

Space Marketing is at the heart of Izzy's career. She combined both of her passions of marketing and space into one expertise. With an extensive marketing background and three marketing degrees, she turns the lens of marketing onto the space industry. 
In this episode, Ben and Izzy discuss her first book "Space Marketing", the first book in a series of space marketing books. This guide is useful to most businesses that are struggling with marketing, not just space-based companies. 

00:41 Introducing Izzy House

01:00 What is Izzy’s book “Space Marketing” and how did it come about?

09:33 Izzy’s target demographic?

10:46 Importance of marketing

13:52 Social Media challenges

18:15 How new is Space Marketing?

20:38 Big Data

22:48 What metrics are useful in Space Marketing?

27:53 Marketing Examples (SpaceX/Virgin Galactic)

32:04 Future books?

34:38 Wrap up and details on how to get Izzy’s book

Izzy’s Book:


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